Active kids need energy to play. They also need nutrients to fuel healthy growth.

Complex carbohydrates like potatoes give them plenty of both.
Yet according to the Fraser Institute, 80% of Canadian children don’t get the

recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables required to stay healthy and

 prevent cancer and heart disease later in life.  What’s not to love?


  • Excellent source of energy-giving complex carbohydrates
  • More potassium than a banana
  • Nearly half the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C
  • Ample supply of immunity-boosting Vitamin B6
  • As much fibre as a 1/3 cup serving of oat bran
  • Contains essential zinc, iron, phosphorous and magnesium
  • 80% water – low in calories, fat and sodium
  • Cholesterol-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free